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Online Art Lessons

Improve your art skills with online drawing and painting classes ! Check out the options below.

Sketching Materials

Pencil Drawing   

Learn to draw with pencil like a pro! this course for beginners where you will learn about: 

* Tools and supplies needed

* How to shade with pencil

* Value scales

* Drawing objects

Pencil Crayon Drawing

In this beginner course you will learn about techniques using coloured pencil. You will also learn about

* Shading and layering colour

* the colour wheel


Ink Pen Drawing

Learn how to draw with ball point pen of any colour and also with fine tipped black pens.  You will learn :

*  shading with line

*  crosshatching

*  patterns

Ink with brush and Pen

This Course is about how to draw with ink using the "Pen and Ink" method. You will also learn:

* Brush and Ink

* types of pen nibs

* types of ink to use

* brushes

Water color paints

Watercolour Painting  

This course is about how to paint using watercolour paint. In this beginner course you will learn about :

*  supplies - paper, brushes, paints

*  watercolour techniques

*  how to paint a landscape

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